SuperMoon over Manhattan Beach

SuperMoon over Manhattan Beach waves

January 31, 2018 was one of those great historic days, when the moon turned bright, blue and red, and many of us photographers ran out to capture the beauty early in the morning. 

We were on the sands of Manhattan Beach at 4:15 a.m., even though the main event wasn't supposed to really kick in until 5:30. You never know, right? 

And the funny thing is, the best shots happened around 6:45 a.m. Oh well!

It's hard to top this Southwest flight that just appears to be flying over the Moon. (See video below.)

SuperMoon over Manhattan Beach, California

Finally, you'll only see a hint of the Super Moon, but check out the time-lapse below for a fun look at seeing the night morph into morning from the foot of the Manhattan Beach Pier parking lot. 

Shot on the GoPro Hero6. 

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