Long Beach Western Wedding

For Stacey and Michi, you just knew they were going to have an amazing western style wedding. The original e-mail* to us from the bride was a tip-off, as was the big Lucille’s BBQ truck outside the parents home, to cater the affair with ribs, brisket, macaroni and cheese, biscuits and lots more goodies.

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That original e-mail:

6 August is the date,

A photographer or two would be great

For our western-style weddin’ with a BBQ booked too,

All we need to make this bride happy is possibly you!

In our backyard this is all a happinin’

Startin’ around 5 our boots should be tappin’

So if ya’ll ain’t busy could ya give me a shout,

And let’s work all the details out.

Lookin’ forward to hearin’ from ya,

There isn’t a doubt,

What are ya waitin’ fer,

Pick up that phone and holler out!

Happy Trails,

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As we write this, the couple is celebrating their honeymoon, out in the midwest, on some big prairie farm.

Congrats guys, and thanks for having http://www.grahamandgrahamphotography.com to the big ta-do!

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