Los Angeles Jewish Wedding Photographer - Graham & Graham Photography

Los Angeles Jewish Wedding Photographer

Graham and Graham Photography are veterans of honoring Jewish traditions and photographing Los Angeles Jewish weddings. 

Check out the video highlights below, and call or write to check our availability.

Celebrating with the Hora

The basics of the Jewish wedding start with the bride and groom signing the Ketubah (a marriage contract) with the Rabbi and witnesses and then having the bride and groom stand proudly under the Chuppah. It concludes with the groom raising his foot and breaking a glass and the couple embracing for a kiss. 

Orthodox weddings begin with separate ceremonies for the bride and groom--the Badeken, where the bride sits with her family, usually her mom, her face covered in a veil, as she awaits the groom, who has performed the Tish ceremony in another room with fellow men, singing and praying.

They march in, the groom takes off the veil and embraces the bride. They then enter the sanctuary, stand under the Chuppah and the bride walks around the groom seven times. 

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